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Double Glazing Swansea Privacy Policy

1. About this Double Glazing Swansea Policy

At Double Glazing Swansea, we are committed to the protection of the personal information that we gather through ("our site", "our website"). All the data that we gather and that you make available to us is treated with the utmost care. We are directed, in this regard, by the Data Protection Act of 1998, which effected the European Union’s Data Protection Directive of 1995.

This Privacy Policy governs use of our website;

2. The Kind of Information that we Collect Through our Site

2.1 Personal Information

Our website may collect the following information from visitors;

Ø Personal details, including first names, last names, physical addresses, email addresses, postal codes, telephone numbers, and other contact information.

2.2 Technical Details;

We may also gather the following data about a user’s visit to our site;

Ø Information about the technical specifications of visitors’ devices, including details about their preferred operation systems, their browsers and how these are configured.

Ø Information about IP addresses and the locations from which our site is accessed.

Ø Details about the online preferences of visitors to our site, including the products that are looked at.

Ø The length of a visitor’s stay on our site.

3. How we Collect Information from Visitors at Double Glazing Swansea

Our website uses a variety of ways to collect information from visitors;

- Users are, at times, required to submit personal information when registering or subscribing for our services.

- Personal information is also collected when you leave feedback on our website.

- Those who wish to participate in our discussion forums are required to register and leave personal information before taking part.

- Visitors who register for our services by linking their accounts with their personal email or social media profiles leave personal details on our site.

- Our website uses cookies to personalize a visitor’s browsing experience. Please refer to our Cookie Policy for details about how cookies interact with computing devices.

- The site employs algorithms that are designed to decode the technical aspects of a visitor’s device.

4. How we may use collected information at Double Glazing Swansea

The data that we collect through our website may be used in the following ways;

When you request for information from us using our online forms or in any other way, we may;

- Contact you by telephone, SMS, email or post with the required information

- Contact you through SMS, email or telephone for further information pertaining to your request

- Pass the information about your request to selected suppliers or service providers, as per your request. These may, in turn, get in touch with you by telephone, SMS, email or post.

Personal and technical information may also be used in the following ways;

- To carry out surveys by contacting you through SMS, email, post or over the telephone. These surveys generally request for information pertaining to your experience while visiting our site or feedback about the use of our products and services.

- To get in touch with you through SMS, email, post of over the telephone with information about products and services that we may deem to be of interest to your, based on your previous interaction with us.

- Your personal details may also be passed on to other suppliers and service providers, who may then get in touch with you through email, SMS, post or by telephone.

- To enable you to log into and use our website.

5. How we Store Collected Information

The information that is collected through our website may be transferred to, processed and/or stored in countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA). We take steps, in this regard, to ensure that you’re personal data gets protected in the same way that it would inside the EEA.

6. Your Rights at Double Glazing Swansea

The following rights are protected under the Data Protection Act of 1998;

- You may contact us, using the contact details that we provide below, to ask us to stop sending you targeted marketing material.

- You may also unsubscribe using the "unsubscribe" button that we include in our emails.

- You retain the right to access the information that we hold about you.

- You may ask us at any time to delete your personal data from our servers.

7. Links and Third Party Content

Our site may, from time to time, contain links to other websites. It may also contain content from third party information providers, such as advertisers. These have different privacy and cookie policies over which we have no control. Visitors are advised to carefully read the policies each time they visit the linked websites.

8. Customer Reviews

Comments, reviews, images, videos and other materials that are uploaded to our website may be used in our customer reviews sections. By posting them, you agree to this use.

9. Changes to Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time and without notification. It is therefore up to you to read it each time that you visit the Double Glazing Swansea website to make sure that you are up to date with the current policy.

10. Our Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are stored on a user’s computer. They usually hold a tiny amount of data that is specific to a particular person and are designed to personalize a user’s experience by carrying information from one session to another. Cookies are the means through which a website recognizes users without them having to input usernames and passwords during each of their visits.

- Double Glazing Swansea uses cookies on its website to make sure that visitors can have as smooth a browsing experience as is possible. While it is possible to disable the Cookies in most browsers, we do not recommend that you do so, since it may limit the effectiveness of your interaction with our site.

11. Contact Details for Double Glazing Swansea

For further details about our privacy and cookie policies, feel free to contact us using the following details;

Telephone: 0800 246 5843

Email address: info@doubleglazing-swansea.uk